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website re-design

Website Re-Design Reasons

Your website is the backbone of business and your online presence. The same way you perform your day-to-day activities to keep your business running optimally, your website also needs to be taken care of, so as to keep your business growing and up to date. If you haven’t redesigned your website in the last 12 …

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Local SEO

Local SEO for SME’s South Africa

Local SEO Guide For SME’s in South Africa Local SEO is a branch if search engine optimisation. Local SEO helps your business rank higher on Google for area related searches, increasing brand presence, organic traffic and leads. What is Local SEO? If you have a local business, like a shop, or have people visiting your …

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Local SEO

Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing

Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing 19 Digital Blog on Digital Marketing I have met many people who think digital marketing is simply about a few social media posts and ‘voila!’. Unfortunately, digital marketing is a lot more and has so much more to offer than just that. Our main focus at 19 Digital for using …

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What is SEO? Unlock SEO

What is SEO & Why Do I Need It?

19 Digital, journeys through digital marketing in bite sizes by a series of blogs and we have been asked about SEO by our clients on numerous occasions. So, in this blog post, we take a deeper look into SEO to answer some questions you may have had and make it less complicated than it seems. …

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google ads digital marketing service

Does Google Ads Work?

We are a small business in South Africa, does Google Ads really work? Is it effective? Will it really benefit our business though? Do we really need it? We have been asked these questions a number of times when meeting clients – especially businesses owners in South Africa – still doubting the effects of digital …

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10 Benefits of Digital Marketing For Your Business in SA

If you think Digital Marketing is no big deal…. Think again! In South Africa, AD spending on the Internet already the second highest platfrom for marketing. It may overtake advertising on television by 2022. Traditional advertising doesn’t have that much power anymore in a world. Multi-channel digital marketing is increasing by as much as 137%, …

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